"I worked directly under Marta for several years, and couldn’t recommend anyone more highly. If you want someone who can develop material that plays well to all audiences, in all sorts of formats, and can also juggle the needs of a diverse production staff AND commercial clients, you should hire Marta. A savvy writer and an evenhanded, no-nonsense manager who inspires the people she supervises, (and a ferociously hard worker on her own), Marta meets deadlines with quality production no matter what media she’s working in. She’s developed a strong background in health and medical news, but her sense of ‘what works’ applies to any commercial or educational production."

Bill Flood / Managing Editor/Producer, Medstar Television

"I worked with Marta on various projects over the years. I mainly worked with her in the field where she was an excellent field producer. She was always thoroughly prepared and professional as well as a pleasure to work alongside. Marta would be an excellent addition to any production team."

Brian Noreika / Director of Photography/General Manager, Dancing Skeleton Productions/DSK Media Solutions

"I can see why Countess Communications™ is an Emmy® Award winning video production and marketing company. Specializing in professional high quality videos for businesses of all kinds, Countess Communications™ takes your website to the next level. The videos produced engage your website visitors and offer an authentic “first impression.

I highly recommend Marta and her business. It is an absolute pleasure working side by side."

Christopher M. / Founder / CEO, CMorganelli Designs CMD

"I’ve worked with Marta for many years in TV news and, more recently, at Sentara Healthcare when she was producing segments for our Explore Health series and she worked for MedStar. She’s knowledgeable, thorough, fun to work with and deadline-driven. I would recommend her highly for any writing, producing or production position."

Dale Gauding / Corporate Communications Consultant, Sentara Healthcare

"Marta Countess is one of the best bosses I ever had. She’s a smart, decisive and goal oriented leader who mentors the staff and elevates the quality of the entire team.

Her no-nonsense management style is completely devoid of ego. She’s warm, compassionate and a true collaborator in the creative process. A strong producer and writer in her own right, I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to benefit from her experience."

David Wasser / Senior Producer, Forensic Files/Medstar Television

"I have been in news for almost 20 years and I have to say Marta has been my favorite boss. She balances her role as manager with words of encouragement that make you want to do your best. And you don’t have to guess what she’s thinking. Her honesty and integrity make the job a joy."

Diana Jones / Senior Producer, Medstar Television

"I have been reporting directly to Marta for 8 months now but I've seen her work here at Medstar for the past 11 years. I was impressed with her work then but these past 8 months of direct communication have been eye-opening. She handles everything in her newsroom with ease. Her work ethic is outstanding and she demands the best from all her employees to put out a good product. She truly is an inspiration."

Diane Barlip / Manager, Content and Customer Relations, Medstar Television/Forensic Files

"Marta has taken us to another level of marketing awareness and professionalism and her skill set includes an uncanny ability to integrate herself seamlessly into your business decision dialogue with a depth if understanding that is both unique and uncanny. She and Jeff are simply an invaluable team asset!”"

Dr. David Vasily / Founder, Aesthetica Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Center

"Marta Countess joined Medstar Television 12 years ago as our Medical News Director. I’ve always been impressed by Marta’s ability to analyze situations, make decisions and move forward. Thanks to her, the news department runs like the proverbial well-oiled machine; she ensures deadlines are met and that our medical news stories are of the highest quality. Marta not only manages the department, she also produces stories herself so she understands Medstar’s medical news service from the inside out. Marta relates well to clients and she recently assumed responsibility for content and development. Marta is a talented individual and she’d be an asset to any organization fortunate enough to hire her."

Irene Kolessar / Director of Administration, Medstar Television

"I met the owners of Countess Communications through a networking group and I liked them.  They were easy  to talk to and made me feel like they could do a very professional job for Body Repair Synergistics, LLC.  I hired them to do a video on the home page of our website which was very important for educating potential customers about our supplement and the marketing of our national product.  They were very easy to work with in regard to the script that was written first and then the actual shoot.  Making some adjustments to the script was not a problem.  They were calm, collected, and patient with the takes.  They met my deadline for a presentation I was making to a group.  I knew I could count on them for a professional job and for getting it done on time."

Joanne Kostecky / BODY RepairRX

"Working with them has been an extreme pleasure. They're very easy to work with. They took care of everything for me from start to finish whether it was going out and scouting out a location, writing the scripts for the shoot, or putting it all together for me."

Kim Lilly / Executive Vice President, Discover Lehigh Valley

"Marta is truly a pleasure to work with and a true professional. She is always responsive and positive and willing to ask questions when she does not understand. For many years she has overseen the writing and producing of video at Medstar and there is a remarkable consistency of quality in every one of the hundreds of stories done on her watch. Her background as a journalist and news person gives her the sense of urgency to get things done quickly and well. I would strongly recommend her."

Larry Grossman / President/CEO, Media Encounters Inc.

"I’ve had the honor of working directly under Marta for the past few months for Mednews. She is great at communicating her ideas and is always open to new ideas for graphics. She allows for creative freedom while always keeping the big picture in mind. Marta always gives helpful feedback to make me a better artist. Anyone that gets work with a professional like Marta is extremely lucky. I have learned a lot from her."

Laura D’Arcy / Graphic Artist, Medstar Television, Inc.

"Marta doesn’t micro-manage, she expects you to do your job with high standards…She is great at seeing the big picture. As a boss, I found her to be always reasonable and fair. I also liked that she was ‘in my corner’ and not ‘over my shoulder’. She is very energetic, and has a quick mind that can handle big video projects, or small ones. I would definitely recommend her, she knows how to get things done."

Luke Haughwout / Videographer, Medstar Television

"Marta is extremely professional and knowledgeable in her field of multimedia production. She knows not only how to do the work with the highest degree of excellence but also understands what video should be accomplishing for a business so there is a return on the investment."

Maria S. / Managing Director, Business Owners Trade Alliance

"I have had the pleasure of working with Marta Countess for six years as a freelance producer at Medstar Television.

She is the ideal manager. She is detail-oriented, clear in her instructions and appreciative of a job well done.
Marta promotes a collaborative atmosphere and encourages her employees to make suggestions.

She has a strong writing background and is an excellent copy editor.

Marta understands deadlines and can work in a fast paced, highly stressed environment and still maintain a calm, professional manner.

On a personal note, she is engaging, kind and personable. She takes an interest in her employees; she shares in their successes.

Marta is a tremendous asset to any company."

Melissa Thompson / Freelance Producer/Writer, Medstar Television

"I was absolutely satisfied with Countess Communications. They did a phenomenal job with the video for my hair salon. I would definitely recommend them highly and I would use them again."

Nina Tulio / Owner, Anthony Ashley

"I had the honor of working with Marta for 12 years at Medstar. She always delivered her work and projects on time. She leads and communicates in a very straight forward manner. She is extremely knowledgeable in both traditional and new media. She’s a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her to any potential employer or client."

Rich Werner / VP Finance, Medstar Television

"When I first met Marta she was working for one of the local affiliate news stations in Hampton Roads. I remember her being honest and forthright every single time that I tried to pitch a story idea. She would always tell me to remember the attributes of the television media. “Your story has to be visual,” she reminded me. Marta is a diligent and highly skilled producer who has successfully moved through the ranks to her current position. She knows how to get the job done. It was always a pleasure working with this dynamo."

Sharon Hoggard / Public Information Coordinator, City of Chesapeake

"Marta Countess is a journalism professional. She is truly a pleasure to work with and always delivers a top notch product. Marta is a keen interviewer and knows how to make folks feel at ease when telling their story on-camera. I would highly recommend Marta for all the reasons listed above – and also, because she’s simply a genuine, nice person."

Susanna Martinez Tarokh

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