Social Media

We love telling a good story, and there's no place like social media (Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc) to get it out there to your fans and friends.  With our monthly service packages, we can make sure your videos and unique messages get out.  We can also look for great stories that enhance your brand, and share those with your audience, too.

Your Message Across Multiple Platforms

We know a good story when we see one, and we know our way around social media.  We will help you decide which social media platform works best for your business, and help you come up with a way to keep your message fresh and fantastic.  Be it Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, we will map out a strategy to enhance your customer's social media experience.

Content Creation

We will optimize your video for your website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, or any other place you wish to have it live.

Content Aggregation for Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Using our news skills of knowing a good story when we see one, we will search high and low for the best content to support and enhance your brand.  Through daily posts, your social media efforts will become a key portion of your overall marketing and communications strategy.

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